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Belize Zoo
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The Belize Zoo-

If you come to Belize, visiting the zoo is a MUST!!! It is absolutely awesome! All the animals are native to Belize. They have been rescued, donated, or confiscated. All enclosures provide the animals with their natural habitats in the jungle.

Thank you to my friend Humberto for organizing a guided tour for us with his zoo keeper, Harrison! He did a wonderful job! We loved it!!!!

Cahal Pech

Cahal Pech

Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins is just the start of investigating the mayan culture in Belize. Visti the ruins  and then take the time to get to know the Mayan people of Belize!



Tikal is an ancient Mayan ruin located in Guatemala near the border of Belize. One of the easiest ways to tour Tikal is to visit Belize, hire a reputable service (Sanchez Taxi Service), and  

and enjoy the tour!

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Tikal 4.jpg
Tikal 5.jpg


Xunantunich is a great Mayan ruin to visit. The information center is not too big or too small. The ruins are accessible and the view is unbelievable. You can see Guatemala from the top of the ruins. Besides that, howling monkeys reside in that area. Interesting site with lots of interesting plants and trees!

Corozal Boder or Western Border
BElize Western Border Station Immigartio
Mountan Pine Ridge Falls
Big Rock Falls 2.jpg
Big Rock Falls 3.jpg
Rio Frio 4.jpg
Big Rock Falls 1.jpg
Rio Frio 3.jpg
Rio Frio 5.jpg
Jaguar Paw
Jaguar Paw.jpg
Tobacco Caye
Tobacco Caye 2.jpg
Tobacco Caye 3.jpg
Tobacco Caye 4.jpg
Tobacco Caye 1.jpg
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